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    Festival 2020 is coming on 15th – 20th January – HAMPI ISLAND, Karnataka
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  • Golden Boulders Climbing Festival Hampi 2020

    15th – 20th January – HAMPI ISLAND – 5 days of bouldering, lining, yoga and fun!

The Festival

The 3rd edition of the Golden Boulders Climbing Festival is 5 days non-competitive event of bouldering, yoga and lining open to everybody.

This season it will take place in Hampi Island, in the core of the Village of Virupapura Gaddi. For this reason we decided to open the event to all the tourists that can buy a entry fee for the day activities only (no meals, no accommodation).

Golden Trail Event: a bouldering competition

This year at the end of the festival we will also have a competitive bouldering event with prizes for the first 3 classified. Men and women will compete separately but on the same courses and with the same cash prizes. The participation fee is 1000 rupees.

Prizegiving will be on 19 night during the farewell party.

5 Days - 15,000 INR
1 Day - 3,000 INR

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Virupapura Gaddi - Hippy Island - Hampi KA