You can attend the event in full flexibility, choosing one of our packages:

  • 5 Days – 15,000 INR
  • 1 Day – 3,000 INR

All packages include accommodation in camp site – 3 meals per day – all the activities scheduled.

But what is included in the ticket?

  • 5 nights/6 days accommodation in shared tent in our Golden Boulders Climbing Festival Camp site (mat and linen included)
  • 3 meals per day buffet style at the camp site or, if scheduled, packed meal
  • daily yoga practice
  • daily bouldering practice
  • daily slacklining practice
  • all gears

What is not included?

Very simple, if it is not in the above list it’s not included in the package but we can provide at an extra charge. Scooters, bikes, rickshaw rides, boat trips are some example of extra costs. As well snacks and beverages that you can buy in the camp site.

The 2020 camp in Hampi Island!

The Golden Boulders Climbing Festival Camp site is for the first time located in the core of Hampi Island (Village of Virupapura Gaddi), just a minute from the boat spot, near by Rishimukh Hill.
We invite all participants to minimize their impact on the environment using less plastic as possible and avoiding littering around.

Good to know

The Golden Boulders Climbing Festival is open to everyone with or without experience of bouldering: our guides will follow the beginners step by step, however the whole experience is intended also as a full sharing workshop. Since it’s a not competitive event, the all point is developing new routes, spreading this amazing sport alongside the developing of the entire area of Hampi as a primary destination for adventure tourists.

Bouldering, as well all the outdoor activities, is inherently risky, so be sure that you are in good shape before book your ticket and remember to provide a travel insurance since our organization will not cover any injuries.

If you are thrilled enough to try yourself along 10 days, well, The Golden Boulders Climbing Festival in Hampi is waiting for you: book your ticket now!